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Light Overcoming Darkness

Light Overcoming Darkness PendantOur Light Overcoming Darkness Pendant was inspired by the need in our lives to be lights that overcome the darkness which is in the world. Sometimes this requires Spiritual Warfare as shown by 2 Corinthians 10:3-4 “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds.” Included with the Pendant is a bookmark with scriptures that show the Light of the World overcoming the darkness that is in the world . Also included is an 18 inch silver plated chain.

Each Pendant will have slight variations in their colors because they are one of a kind and unique.

Optionally, the Light Overcoming Darkness Pendant comes in a set with a one dram hand painted roll-on bottle of the Spiritual Warfare oil. You may order just the Spiritual Warfare oil by clicking here.

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Hear, O Israel (Map)

Our Hear, O Israel Pendant was inspired by Deuteronomy 6:4 which declares that the Lord is One and we are called to proclaim to all of Israel that Jesus is the One. Included with the Pendant is a bookmark with Deuteronomy 6:4. Also included is an 18 inch silver plated chain.

Each Pendant will have slight variations in their colors because they are one of a kind and unique.

Optionally, the Hear, O Israel Pendant comes in a set with a one dram hand painted roll-on bottle of the Hear, O Israel oil. You may order just the Hear, O Israel oil by clicking here.

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The Creator’s Essence

CreatorsEssenceOur friend Meghan from Dyed4you (who you’ll find throughout our new book The Creator’s Essence), made this video about the book to share with the Dyed4you Community.  You can see her whole post here or just enjoy the video below 🙂 Continue reading

Oils in Israel

I work at a university and took the opportunity over winter break to go to the Land for a couple weeks. Following my time in Israel, I went to Northern Ireland for a month for work. I brought all of my oils with me. Continue reading

How-To Anoint Your Home

This is a video our friend Meghan (from Dyed4you and Dyed4you Art) made for her personal blog to explain how to anoint your home.  We thought you might find it helpful too, so we wanted to share 🙂 Continue reading


When someone commissions an oil, they can (for an additional fee) make it a proprietary blend that they can carry. Drama Queens for the King did exactly that when we developed the Crowned oil for them this past summer 🙂 Continue reading

How-To Anoint Silk

Believe it or not there is a trick to anointing silk (or any fabric) without staining it!  In this video, Meghan from Dyed4you gives a quick how-to that you may find helpful 🙂

If you have more questions – just let us know! Continue reading

Updated Pricing Structure

We’ve simplified our pricing structure to make ordering easier for you!  Everything now falls into one of two categories: Favored or Cherished. Continue reading

Poison Ivy Be Gone

I got some poison ivy the other day while working in our backyard. How did I know it was hiding along the fence?! So I went in to find a quick fix and thought I would share with you.  It really worked! Continue reading

Headaches, Acne and a Burn Healed

My sister gave us one of your Bee Ready kits and it has been a real blessing to our family.

My youngest son has struggled with headaches which land him in bed on a regular basis for years. We were so amazed the first time we had him try Rosemary on his temples and in less than half an hour he was back up and feeling better again. He has also found Tea Tree helpful on his acne. Continue reading


One Dram Hand-painted Bottle or Roll-on

Bathsheba was a beautiful wife of King David, mother of King Solomon.

Her Scent is a rich, warm aroma including essences of Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Myrrh, Jasmine and Cassia.

Continue reading


One Dram Hand-painted Bottle or Roll-on

Jochebed was the mother of Aaron, Moses and Miriam.

Her Scent is a fresh, spicy aroma including essences of Rose of Sharon, Cassie, Cypress and Lime.

Continue reading


One Dram Hand-painted Bottle or Roll-on

Leah was the first wife of Jacob.

Her Scent is a fresh, spicy aroma including essences of Rose of Sharon, Cassie, Cypress and Lime.

Continue reading

Sweet Smell of Jesus

Wow God! I am literally speechless. (for me that’s amazing ) My scarf and oil [warrior] arrived yesterday and it was so profound. First of all, the oil is amazing. It has such a sweet smell of Jesus yet the anointing on the oil is tremendous. Continue reading

Dog Healed

I realize it may sound crazy, but with no health insurance and no steady paycheck coming in, when I discovered my dog’s ear had swollen shut I was so sad, but knew the vet was not an option. Continue reading

Holy Ghost Party

A group of ladies in OH ended up having a holy encounter filled with The Scent of Heaven oils, Dyed4you scarf and Dyed4you Art!  Here’s a portion of what happened when the Paga (Intercession) oil was brought out (you can read the full story on the Dyed4you Blog) Continue reading

Skin Healed

I had some eczema on my arm. I tried a number of things over a period of 6-8 weeks and nothing was working. Then I remembered my BeeReady kit and went to check the booklet to see if there were any suggestions. Continue reading

Prophetic Scent

This woman received a bottle of Warrior Bride as a gift with her scarf order. She shared that the scent was the same as a prophetic scent that had awoken her several years earlier that had also been later confirmed. Continue reading

Breakthrough in India

Tonight I received news from the church planting base of the radical and lasting breakthrough that took place in April, and has continued on via fired up intercession and some significant transformations for some of the staff. Not only that, but fired up vision to see the region impacted by His glory at another level. In other words, it’s a touch down! Continue reading

His Scent

Meghan told me all about your site and your ministry and as you know; she included a sample of His Passion anointing oil with my veil! I wanted to tell you how much I loved the scent and how it reminded me of our Jesus….His clean masculine sweet scent….. Continue reading

Anointing Oil Uses

First it is important to state up front that the Lord is the source of power, there is no “magic” in the oils. The fact that these oils are created at the direction of the Holy Spirit is what makes them anointed – because they were created in obedience. Continue reading

Re-establishing Unity

A group of us were headed out on a prayer journey and the enemy was hard at work trying to break our unity – and frankly, he was making progress. However, Carol had created an oil called One Accord based on our input in our Expressive Worship class and had gotten it done and sent it along the day before our journey began. At our first stop, our team leader anointed us with the oil and prayed for us to be in unity. We had breakthrough. Continue reading

Anointed Song

I am so thankful to you for giving me the Expressive Worship anointing oil. This morning I sang for a funeral, I anointed my throat, heart, and hands as I prayed. The ministry of song glorified the Lord. I received many compliments on how the music touched the congregation. Continue reading

Spiritual Breakthrough

I had been in heavy spiritual warfare for over a week. I was tired, worn down and feeling like I might give out at any time. I had pressed in without breakthrough and was struggling with discouragement. Continue reading

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