All our oils use genuine essential oils (or resins), not chemically created fragrance oil (which can actually be toxic for you). Harvesting essential oils can be difficult in some cases, and therefore prices range from $0.01 a drop up to over $2 a drop.  This makes pricing our blends a little bit tricky sometimes. So what we’ve done is split our blends into two categories: Favored and Cherished Covenant Oils.

  • Favored Covenant Oils are ones that are more easily found and harvested – typically those are ones you may smell more often like sweet orange, cinnamon leaf, and lavender.
  • Cherished Covenant Oils are ones that are more expensive and rare, examples are jasmine, patchouli, and neroli.

Our pricing structure is set so that you can order at a desired price point, then depending on which category oil you are getting will depend on which size bottle you will get.  A 1 dram of an Cherished oil costs the same as 2 drams of a Favored oil. (View alphabetized list of existing anointing oils)

Want to have a new scent created? Find out more about commissioning an oil.

Anointing Oils

Used for prayer, sanctification, dedication, preparation and more. Find out more about how anointing oils are used.

Prophetic Oil

Personal prophetic word that comes with and through the oil. To get a sense of oils we’ve created in the past, visit our Anointing Oils.


Our perfumes are created at the same caliber as our Anointing Oils, and they come beautifully decorated – some are in an oil base and some in alcohol (to be used as a spray)

Bee Ready

Essential oils and other natural products that have been known to help with common ailments and emergency situations

Commission an Oil

If the Lord has put an idea for an oil on your heart, we’re happy to create it based on the name and/or scripture the Lord has given you


These are one of a kind, non-duplicatable 1 dram oils made of the same high quality materials as all our oils.