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Accessible Wisdom

  • Scent: A smooth, rich aroma including essences of balsam, lime, and cypress.
  • Use: Agreeing for a download of wisdom from above. Continue reading


  • Scent: A woody, pine aroma including essences of spikenard, black spruce, and juniper berry.
  • Use: Declaring a jubilee freedom. Continue reading

Accepted in the Beloved

  • Scent: A warm, rich aroma including essences of Amber, Cypress, and Tangerine.
  • Use: As reminder that we are accepted by Him, not rejected and abandoned, but cherished and adored; and also as a reminder that we should treat each other as the loving, supportive, accepting family He’s called us to be. Continue reading

His Voice

  • Scent: A sweet, bright aroma including essences of Rose of Sharon, Myrtle, Balsam, and Bergamot.
  • Use: As a commitment to be listening and stay open to receiving. Continue reading

Sword of the Spirit

  • Scent: A fresh, woody aroma including essences of Cedar, Frankincense, Lime, Juniper Berry, and Cinnamon Leaf.
  • Use: In spiritual warfare and for consecrating something for use in spiritual warfare (like the knighting process). Continue reading


  • Scent: A warm, citrus aroma including essences of Blood Orange, Lemon, and Cinnamon Leaf.
  • Use: As an agreement to be an open vessel; a vessel of giving blessing as well as being open to receiving His blessings from whatever vessel they come Continue reading

Multiplication Power

  • Scent: A warm, rich, mellow aroma including essences of Lavender, Cedar, Blood Orange, Ylang Ylang, Oak Moss, Roman Chamomile, Cassia, and Labdanum.
  • Use: As a symbol of coming into unity with God and those He yokes us with all for the purpose of the multiplication power.  Continue reading

Brave Heart

  • Scent: A bold, woody aroma including essences of frankincense, amber, Woodsy Pine blend, hyssop, lime, oak moss, spearmint, and black spruce.
  • Use: to come into agreement with walking in that kind of immovable bravery that can only come when we’re rooted in Christ. Continue reading

Man of Valor

  • Scent: A bold, deep aroma including essences of patchouli, ylang ylang, grapefruit, and bergamot.
  • Use: to declare a Man of Valor mantle over the recipient. Continue reading

Freedom Reigns

  • Scent: A fresh, bright aroma including essences of sweet orange, lavender, vanilla, and linden blossom.
  • Use: as an agreement to choose the freedom we’re given in Christ. Continue reading
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