Atoning Blood

  • Scent: A deep, warm aroma from pure essential oils including: Myrrh, Rose of Sharon and Sandalwood.
  • Use: As a reminder of the price that has already been paid through Jesus’ atoning blood.
  • Extras: One red bead sits in the oil

The scripture that goes with this oil is:

“Whom God put forward [before the eyes of all] as a mercy seat and propitiation by His blood [the cleansing and life-giving sacrifice of atonement and reconciliation, to be received] through faith. This was to show God’s righteousness, because in His divine forbearance He had passed over and ignored former sins without punishment.” Romans 3:25 AMP

Category: Favored Covenant oil (Category determines price – more info on the Frequently Asked Questions page)

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So often we forget how significant a price was paid for our freedom. A freedom we take for granted and so often give to needless activities while neglecting the One who loved us enough to free us. This is a reminder of the price He paid.

The Inspiration:

The Lord showed Carol an oil with one red drop in it. She asked Him, “Lord, what is its name?” He said, “it is my atoning blood.” So she asked Him what should go in it. She heard nothing for almost two months so she waited. Then on Good Friday in a special time of worship He started telling her what was to go in it and why.

Sandalwood (it takes 30 years before they harvest from the tree by cutting and bruising it), Labdanum (which is the rock rose called Rose of Sharon), and Myrrh (from His beginning with the wise men to His end on the cross). It tells His story.


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  1. Beautiful.. It is true we forget the price Christ paid for our sins..I know I do.And how beautiful to find someone who is so obedient to our Daddy.Bless you,and all others working along and supporting you.It does my heart good to find there are still people who are seeking and doing things after Daddy’s heart with such sincerity.It is my desire to someday be surrounded by such people. Bless you guys..

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