Carol Hodge

Carol Hodge is the heart behind The Scent of Heaven. Carol is a lifelong artist and loves to create through all sorts of venues: painting, beading, jewelry making and much more. For a season, she also blended custom scents for perfume and body products.

Coupled with this creativity is a strong love of the Lord and a prophetic gifting. Carol loves spending time with the Lord and seeking His face for answers to questions that occur to her. The Scent of Heaven was birthed in such a fashion.

One day Carol was asking the Lord what Heaven smelled like. What the Lord began to show her was that The Scent of Heaven is all the fragrances, but – much like how a prism can change a single ray of light and separate it into each beam of color – when The Scent of Heaven comes to earth it is separated into multiple heavenly fragrances for us to enjoy.

The Lord has gifted Carol with an ability to blend these heavenly fragrances together to create little slices of heaven for us to enjoy here on earth. Both on her own and working with prophetic intercessors, Carol continues to create these heavenly scents as the Spirit reveals them – she’s birthed fragrances named His Passion, Intimate Devotion, Warrior, The Promise, Wait Upon the Lord, Holy Fire, In His Hands, Oil of Melchizedek, Glory Drops, and many more. Each one has a story, a message, and purpose… peruse the whole list on the Anointing Oils overview page.

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