• Scent: A light, warm aroma from pure essential oils including: Balsam, Cypress and Hyacinth.
  • Use: For those who are ready to be awakened; refreshing for those who seek hard after God and after a holy life that pleases Him.
  • Extras: Shimmery “dew” floats in the oil.

The scripture that goes with this oil is:

“Your dead shall live [O Lord]; the bodies of our dead [saints] shall rise. You who dwell in the dust, awake and sing for joy! For Your dew [O Lord] is a dew of [sparkling] light [heavenly, supernatural dew]; and the earth shall cast forth the dead [to life again; for on the land of the shades of the dead You will let Your dew fall].” Isaiah 26:19 (AMP)

Category: Cherished Covenant oil (Category determines price – more info on the Frequently Asked Questions page)

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Sparkling Dew is all about awakening and refreshing. Isaiah 26:19 speaks of the dead living – awaking and singing. A related scripture that was part of the word is from Ezekiel 37 – bringing the dead bones to life!

Awakening to a call to live a holy life – living the fullness of all God has purposed. No longer allowing a spirit of compromise and all that inhibits the Lord’s plan. Awakening to Him, His way, His plan… His life!

His sparkling dew also brings refreshing for those who are already seeking hard after Him. The dew moistens and refreshes that which is parched and dry by the harshness of life. The dew of the Spirit of the Lord brings forth life from death, His holy anointing.

The Inspiration:

The sparkling dew was part of a word that came forth during an intercessory prayer meeting.