I work at a university and took the opportunity over winter break to go to the Land for a couple weeks. Following my time in Israel, I went to Northern Ireland for a month for work. I brought all of my oils with me.

When I was in the Land, I had the privilege of watchman walking with a Dutch group that leads walks on the Old City walls every morning (except Shabbat, of course). I first heard about them and walked with them in October, when I visited Israel over our mid-semester break. When I walked the walls the first and second time, I wore the “Shema, Israel” oil. It was quite powerful to come back the second time and still “hear” our declarations of His Word echoing through the walls — months later! Next time I’m there, I’m going to bring the oil with me and anoint those stones!

I enjoy travel, but I’ve never been a hotel person. I can’t sleep peacefully. When I was younger, I thought it was paranoia or fear that kept me up, but as I’ve matured I’ve come to understand it as an incompatibility with my surroundings. Hotels have to be one of the most “unclean” places that a person could stay in. Peace does not live there. Who knows when the last time was that a G-dly person dwelt there and brought His peace with them? When I moved into my hotel room in N. Ireland, the first thing I did was sanctify the room. I prayed out any unclean influences or tag-alongs and used the “Sealed” oil to “seal” all of the windows, doors, and the headboard of my bed. I prayed that G-d’s peace would reign in that space while I was there and even linger after to affect the lives of those who would come after me. Most nights, I slept sweet and sound. Also, while I was there, I had in mind to pray for the remission of the sins of my ancestors. I have some Irish heritage, not a lot, but I’ve always felt a draw to Ireland and was delighted and blessed to be able to travel there. If I wasn’t praying in my room, I would go walk the walls of the city (I went from one walled city to another!) and pray there. When I first arrived, I used the “Watchman” oil frequently for that. It became my routine that, when I woke up in the morning, I would ask the Father what kind of an oil day it was. Some days it wasn’t an oil day, but 9 times out of 10, He had a role for me to walk in and there was an oil to go with it. I found myself anointing and walking in healing (“His Healing Touch”; “Healing Rain”; “Healing Balm”) a lot, which, knowing the history of N. Ireland, makes a lot of sense. In this, the oils became a focusing point for me to keep pressing into Him in new ways. I am very grateful for them!

Best, Sarah