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Jochebed was the mother of Aaron, Moses and Miriam.

Her Scent is a fresh, spicy aroma including essences of Rose of Sharon, Cassie, Cypress and Lime.

Her story

Of the tribe of Levi, the wife of Amram her older brother’s son (Exodus 6:20), Jochebed was the mother of Aaron, Moses and their sister Miriam (Numbers 26:59). She gave birth to Moses during the time the Pharaoh (probably Ramses II) had ordered the midwives to kill all male Hebrew children. She hid Moses for three months. When she could no longer hide him, she wove a basket of papyrus reeds in which to conceal him. Papyrus reeds grew in the marshy areas and were used to construct large boats as well as basket boats. Bundled together, reeds floated high in the water and were capable of carrying heavy weight. Jochebed placed Moses into the Sea of Reeds, also known as the Nile River, among the flowering flags during the time Pharaoh’s daughter came to bathe with her handmaids nearby. When she discovered the baby in the basket she sent a handmaiden to retrieve him. She called his name Moses, saying, “Because I drew him out of the water” (Exodus 2:10).

His sister, Miriam was nearby and offered to get a nurse from among the Hebrew women to take care of the child. Pharaoh’s daughter agreed, and Miriam brought Jochebed who was paid to take Moses and care for him until he was weaned. During that time it was at least three to four years before a child was weaned. Some commentaries say up to seven years.

With Jochebed’s devotion and diligence, she used her skills and resources to train and inspire Moses to understand his identity and to know that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was the one true God.

After Moses was weaned, Jochebed brought him back to Pharaoh’s daughter where he became her son, living in the palace with all the benefits and training of Egyptian royalty.

The ultimate sacrifice Jochebed made to protect her newborn son paved the way for the Hebrew people of Israel to be set free from Egyptian slavery. The Bible does not tell us if she ever got to see him again!

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