*Women Arise*

The Women Arise series was birthed from a dream/vision the Lord gave Carol (founder of the Scent of Heaven). In the dream/vision, she saw names in darkness.  They started floating and as they floated by she could see names of women in the bible.

She looked down and saw a row of bottles and above the bottles she saw the words “Women Arise.” She could see the names on each of the bottles. They were women of the bible with the exception of the last bottle which was blank.

She asked the Lord and said, “what is her name?” (referring to the blank bottle), but the Lord didn’t respond. Weeks went by and she asked her intercessor friends to pray so she would know who the last bottle was.

All of a sudden after weeks of prayer and seeking, when she asked the Lord yet again, “what is her name?” He replied, “The Dove.” And Carol understood that “The Dove” represented us – the twenty first century woman with “dove’s eyes,” a heart after God and who is led by the Spirit.

Each of these exquisite scents is available in a one dram hand-painted bottle ($12) or in a one dram hand-painted roll-on ($15).  Included is a gift bag with a scroll telling the woman’s story.


  1. Brittani Singleton

    October 2018 at 3:10 pm

    I heard about a thing where yall pray and God speaks a name of the woman in the bible and the oil comes with it. I was wanting to do that and wondered where to sign up for it.

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