One Dram Painted Bottle or Roll-on

Abigail was a “leader” in dance and of joy.

Her Scent is a rich, fruity aroma including essences of Ginger, Grapefruit, Neroli, and Rose Otto.


Her story

The wife of the churlish, wealthy rancher Nabal (whose name means fool), dwelt in the district of Carmel (1Sa 25:3). She showed great wisdom by taking the initiative with quick action, prudence and delicate management at a critical time with wise words. The scripture says she was “a woman of good understanding, and of a beautiful countenance.” Abigail was an ideal wife, intervening in a critical situation, apologizing for her husband’s rude, drunken behavior. Glorifying and validating David’s kingship while he was still an outlaw, she showed her politically astute ability and strong independent thinking.

After Nabal’s death Abigail became the second wife of David (1Sa 25:14-42), and was his companion in all his future fortunes (1Sa 27:3; 1Sa 30:5; 2Sa 2:2). By her David had a son called Chileab (2Sa 3:3), elsewhere called Daniel (1Ch 3:1).

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