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Poison Ivy Be Gone

I got some poison ivy the other day while working in our backyard. How did I know it was hiding along the fence?! So I went in to find a quick fix and thought I would share with you.  It really worked! Continue reading

Headaches, Acne and a Burn Healed

My sister gave us one of your Bee Ready kits and it has been a real blessing to our family.

My youngest son has struggled with headaches which land him in bed on a regular basis for years. We were so amazed the first time we had him try Rosemary on his temples and in less than half an hour he was back up and feeling better again. He has also found Tea Tree helpful on his acne. Continue reading

Dog Healed

I realize it may sound crazy, but with no health insurance and no steady paycheck coming in, when I discovered my dog’s ear had swollen shut I was so sad, but knew the vet was not an option. Continue reading

Skin Healed

I had some eczema on my arm. I tried a number of things over a period of 6-8 weeks and nothing was working. Then I remembered my BeeReady kit and went to check the booklet to see if there were any suggestions. Continue reading

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