People often ask if they can commission a custom-blend, the answer is yes! You may place your request along with the name God has given you for the oil or the scripture (be sure to include them in the specifications field below). You will receive one 1-Dram bottle of your oil when the formula is complete.

Please note, purchasing a custom-blend does not entitle you to the formula or exclusive rights to the blend. Scent of Heaven reserves the right to add the oil to the Anointing Oil collection. The cost of the custom-blend merely covers a portion of the time and essential oils needed to create a formula.  You will be able to order additional bottles at the normal Favored/Cherished pricing in the future whether it is added to our site or not.  If it is not on the site, you may use the Special Order page.

If you would like exclusive rights (which simply means you may purchase the oil in bulk from the Scent of Heaven at a discounted rate and Scent of Heaven will not include your oil in their listing unless directing people to your website for purchasing), please contact us for details on the additional charge.

What’s the difference between a commissioned oil and a prophetic oil? With a prophetic oil, the Lord may lead us to send one that we’ve made before.  A commissioned oil is one we create because you’ve requested it.  It also allows you to have some input into the creation process.

Commissioned Oil (including 1 Dram)
Note: Additional bottles may be ordered at normal Favored/Cherished pricing.

Specifications (if any)