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  • Scent: A woody, pine aroma including essences of spikenard, black spruce, and juniper berry.
  • Use: Declaring a jubilee freedom. Continue reading

Sword of the Spirit

  • Scent: A fresh, woody aroma including essences of Cedar, Frankincense, Lime, Juniper Berry, and Cinnamon Leaf.
  • Use: In spiritual warfare and for consecrating something for use in spiritual warfare (like the knighting process). Continue reading

Brave Heart

  • Scent: A bold, woody aroma including essences of frankincense, amber, Woodsy Pine blend, hyssop, lime, oak moss, spearmint, and black spruce.
  • Use: to come into agreement with walking in that kind of immovable bravery that can only come when we’re rooted in Christ. Continue reading

Shachah (Worship)

Pronounced shä·khä

  • Scent: A fresh, woody aroma including essences of cedar, frankincense, cyprus and labdanum.
  • Use: an agreement to come into total surrender of worshiping Him Continue reading

Garment of Praise

  • Scent: A bright, woody aroma including essences of mandarin, vanilla, balsam, myrrh, juniper berry, frankincense, labdanum and spikenard.
  • Use: as reminder to adorn oneself in a garment of praise Continue reading


Scent: A bright, woody aroma including essences of bergamot and black spruce.

Use: As an acknowledgment of one the Father declares as faithful. Continue reading

Balm of Gilead

Scent: A fresh, sweet pine aroma including essence of Balm of Gilead.

Use: To come into agreement with the Lord’s provision for healing from the beginning of time even until today. Continue reading

Oil of Melchizedek

Scent: A warm, woody aroma including essences of pomegranate, acacia, cinnamon, myrrh, frankincense, stacte, hyssop, salt and Atoning Blood essences.

Use: To be used in the act of consecrating and sanctifying something or someone to the Lord’s priestly service. Continue reading

Winds of Change

Scent: A fresh, woody aroma including essences of Balsam, Bergamot, Black Spruce, and Juniper Berry.

Use: For those who desire to catch the wind of the Spirit. Continue reading

Under His Wings

Scent: A rich, woodsy aroma including essences of Acacia and Aglaia.

Use: A declaration of our intent to submit to His will and remain in His covering – under His wing. Continue reading

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