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Paga II

  • Scent: A warm, spicy¬†aroma including essences of bay, balsam, and myrrh.
  • Use: for intercession or for praying a mantle of intercession. Continue reading

Hidden Mysteries

  • Scent: A warm, spicy aroma including essences of hyssop, frankincense, oak moss and patchouli.
  • Use: as an agreement for our hearts to align with His for the treasures and secret things He longs to share Continue reading

Refiner’s Fire

  • Scent: A warm, spicy aroma including essences of black pepper, cassia, cinnamon leaf, clove bud, coriander and spikenard.
  • Use: an act of submitting to His refining fire Continue reading

New Jerusalem Set

The New Jerusalem Set includes a 1 dram bottle of our New Jerusalem anointing oil and a Swarovski crystal bracelet. It comes beautifully packaged in an organza bag.

The stones of the bracelet match the ones in the oil and are straight from Revelation 21 where John describes the stones in the walls – this bracelet contains crystals representing the color of each of those stones as well as one square crystal representing the city. Our coming promise… Continue reading

New Jerusalem

  • Scent: A delicious, spicy aroma including essences of Amber, Balsam, Cassia, Cedar, Frankincense, Laurel Leaf, Myrrh, Pomegranate, Rose of Sharon and Spikenard.
  • Use: In preparation and as a reminder of coming promises. Continue reading


Anna was a woman of grace.

Her Scent is a light, spicy aroma including essences of Balsam, Cinnamon Leaf, and Myrrh. Continue reading


Rahab was a woman of bold faith.

Her Scent is a spicy, warm aroma including essences of Amber, Cinnamon Leaf, Nutmeg, and Sandalwood. Continue reading

Isaiah 61

  • Scent: A spicy, fruity aroma including essences of cassia, palmarosa, rose absolute, vanilla, sandalwood and sweet orange
  • Use: To come into alignment with the Isaiah 61 promises: for captives to be set free, beauty for ashes, joy for mourning, healing the brokenhearted, etc. Continue reading


Scent: A spicy, rich aroma that includes essences of bergamot, juniper berry, and vetivert.

Use: A reminder of our utter dependence on His grace Continue reading

Paga (Intercession)

Scent: A deep, spicy aroma including essences of Cinnamon, Frankincense, Myrrh, Bergamot, Amber, Lilies of the Valley, Honeysuckle and Vanilla.

Use: For use in intercession. Continue reading

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