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  • Scent: A woody, pineĀ aroma including essences of spikenard, black spruce, and juniper berry.
  • Use: Declaring a jubilee freedom. Continue reading

Perazim (Breakthrough)

  • Scent: A warm, pine citrus aroma including essences of Silver Fir, Juniper Berry, Frankincense and Sweet Orange.
  • Use: In agreement with the Father’s “suddenly.” Continue reading


Scent: A bright, woody aroma including essences of bergamot and black spruce.

Use: As an acknowledgment of one the Father declares as faithful. Continue reading

Balm of Gilead

Scent: A fresh, sweet pine aroma including essence of Balm of Gilead.

Use: To come into agreement with the Lord’s provision for healing from the beginning of time even until today. Continue reading

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