When someone commissions an oil, they can (for an additional fee) make it a proprietary blend that they can carry. Drama Queens for the King did exactly that when we developed the Crowned oil for them this past summer 🙂

Here’s what they said about the oil when they shared about it on Facebook:

Now if this ain’t Immeasurably More:) ….a perfume that declares our inheritance..and His Holiness! A beautiful roll-on citrus scent for little girls who need to know where their true beauty lies! JESUS ! It is also a fabulous anointing oi

l for ladies to use in ministry! The Charm shares the scripture God breathed as He designed this scent from the inspiration of a Dandelion! Thank you to The Scent of Heaven and Dyed 4 You for seeking God on this! We love you so! Thank you to The Heart Knows Creations for the beautiful charms from the Lord!

Read the announcement on the Drama Queens for the King site!