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The Creator’s Essence

CreatorsEssenceOur friend Meghan from Dyed4you (who you’ll find throughout our new book The Creator’s Essence), made this video about the book to share with the Dyed4you Community.  You can see her whole post here or just enjoy the video below 🙂 Continue reading

Oils in Israel

I work at a university and took the opportunity over winter break to go to the Land for a couple weeks. Following my time in Israel, I went to Northern Ireland for a month for work. I brought all of my oils with me. Continue reading

How-To Anoint Your Home

This is a video our friend Meghan (from Dyed4you and Dyed4you Art) made for her personal blog to explain how to anoint your home.  We thought you might find it helpful too, so we wanted to share 🙂 Continue reading


When someone commissions an oil, they can (for an additional fee) make it a proprietary blend that they can carry. Drama Queens for the King did exactly that when we developed the Crowned oil for them this past summer 🙂 Continue reading

Birthing Oil Giveaway

When we found out our friends at Dyed4you were doing a “birthing” silk giveaway, we decided to jump on board and do a Birthing oil giveaway!

We’re going to mirror what Dyed4you is doing and have 2 giveaways going on at once – one on our Facebook page and one on this blog post. The prize for both is a 1 dram bottle of the Birthing oil. Continue reading

How-To Anoint Silk

Believe it or not there is a trick to anointing silk (or any fabric) without staining it!  In this video, Meghan from Dyed4you gives a quick how-to that you may find helpful 🙂

If you have more questions – just let us know! Continue reading

Updated Pricing Structure

We’ve simplified our pricing structure to make ordering easier for you!  Everything now falls into one of two categories: Favored or Cherished. Continue reading

Poison Ivy Be Gone

I got some poison ivy the other day while working in our backyard. How did I know it was hiding along the fence?! So I went in to find a quick fix and thought I would share with you.  It really worked! Continue reading

Headaches, Acne and a Burn Healed

My sister gave us one of your Bee Ready kits and it has been a real blessing to our family.

My youngest son has struggled with headaches which land him in bed on a regular basis for years. We were so amazed the first time we had him try Rosemary on his temples and in less than half an hour he was back up and feeling better again. He has also found Tea Tree helpful on his acne. Continue reading

Sweet Smell of Jesus

Wow God! I am literally speechless. (for me that’s amazing ) My scarf and oil [warrior] arrived yesterday and it was so profound. First of all, the oil is amazing. It has such a sweet smell of Jesus yet the anointing on the oil is tremendous. Continue reading

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